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Parking Lot Paving, Maintenance And Repair Services

New Jersey’s most reliable and reputable paving experts

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Trusted Parking Lot Paving Services in Cranford, New Jersey and Surrounding Areas 

Since the inception of Paragon Paving and Masonry, we have successfully offered our parking lot paving services to commercial, industrial, and retail clients in Cranford, NJ and surrounding areas, including Middlesex County, Union County, Somerset County, and Essex County as well.

We take pride in offering dedicated parking lot paving services while setting the industry standards for professionalism and craftsmanship. Most importantly, the quality of our asphalt parking lot services has remained consistent as we never cut corners or use inferior materials. That is why we have become the most trusted and reputable parking lot paving experts in New Jersey.

Designed Parking Lot Paving Solutions With Exceptional Value

At Paragon Paving and Masonry, we believe in the approach of "Do It Once, Do It Right." We deliver results for our clients by using state-of-the-art equipment, highly skilled professionals, the best quality materials, and the latest asphalt paving techniques to ensure the asphalt parking lot paving project is always completed on time and properly.

For a durable and long-lasting parking lot paving project, Paragon Paving and Masonry is the best choice. We specialize in asphalt paving as it is the best for installation, handling wear and tear, and holding up in adverse weather conditions. Asphalt paving completes a lot sooner than other parking lot paving projects. Another reason is that asphalt is porous and it offers much better drainage. Moreover, the maintenance of asphalt paving is easy and less costly as it just needs a patch job here and there for minor cracks.

The trusted services we provide in Cranford and surrounding areas include:

Parking Lot Paving

A properly installed and maintained parking lot is essential for most businesses. That is why many business owners consider asphalt parking lots because they are the most popular and inexpensive option. At Paragon Paving and Masonry, we are proud to serve businesses of all sizes.

Our parking lot paving service starts with the following tasks:

  • Thorough site evaluation
  • We remove any existing materials before starting the excavation work
  • After going through a design, we install sanitary, drainage, and stormwater systems
  • We install gravels and other base materials

When it comes to installing a new asphalt parking lot, we will discuss your design scope. It will include a comprehensive plan about all the details such as using subgrade materials, asphalt mix, preparation & installation specifications, and striping layout. We will also discuss sidewalk, drainage, and handicap ramp specs.

We also specialize in ripping out and replacing old parking lot projects. So, if you need a new parking lot paving contractor in Cranford or surrounding areas, there is no better option than Paragon Paving and Masonry.

Parking Lot Repair

Parking Lot Repair

Even with the most durable materials out there, every parking lot requires occasional repair and patching work. Parking lots need patching and repair work due to several reasons such as improper installation, unsightly potholes and cracks, ineffective stormwater management, changing ground levels, or tree roots pushing up from below.

If you have had a bad experience with your previous parking lot, we are always available to help you. We believe in saving your money, and that is why our first priority will be to save the parking lot with repairs.

Paragon Paving and Masonry's commercial parking lot repair services include:  

  • Pothole Repair – When it comes to parking lot repairs, one of the common issues is potholes. Even though it may seem like a minimal problem, you should never leave them as they are. They can lead to accidents and let the water infiltrate the important sub-base of the asphalt surface and cause much worse damage to the structural integrity. Here, we can quickly fill the potholes and make the surface look good as new.
  • Filling Cracks – Cracks in the parking lot may look unattractive, but they are far more harmful. If you leave cracks as they are for too long, they can expand and cause damage and possibly a lawsuit. Moreover, they can let the water infiltrate the sub-base of the asphalt surface. So, contact us for timely fixing of cracks in divots in your parking lot.
  • Water Management Solutions – If you have an asphalt parking lot, it can benefit from its better drainage properties and prevent dangerous standing water on the surface. However, if you face stormwater management problems in your parking lot, contact us and we will identify the cause and fix it, even if it means adding a gradual slope or resurfacing the parking lot.

If our experts find the parking lot is beyond salvageable, we will recommend installing a new parking lot. However, the main priority of our parking lot repairing services is to ensure that the parking lot lasts for a few more years with a repairing job.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Most people assume that the successful installation of a parking lot means they do not have to worry about it for many years. However, it is far from the truth. In reality, parking lot maintenance plays a pivotal role in maximizing its life. Businesses that want to add life to their parking lots should consider our highly reasonably priced parking lot maintenance services.

With our asphalt parking lot paving, you will be saving a lot on maintenance costs. However, it will still require minor maintenance from time to time. In our parking lot maintenance services, we will thoroughly inspect the parking lot to find any cracks or wear and tear that need repairing. We offer services such as parking lot striping, parking lot sweeping, and sealcoating as well. For your parking lot maintenance needs, Paragon Paving and Masonry have you covered.

Hire Us for Quality Parking Lot Paving Services

We have become a reliable parking lot paving contractor in New Jersey because of our ability to complete projects on time, as promised. We always meet known industry standards and deliver long-lasting results, guaranteed!

Do you have any queries such as how much asphalt parking lot cost or how long an asphalt parking lot will last? Please feel free to contact us.