Masonry Contractor Near Me

As New Jersey’s leading masonry contractor, Paragon Paving and Masonry has been providing structural and artisanal masonry services for a range of residential and commercial projects.

Masonry Excellence That Exceeds Your Expectations

As New Jersey’s leading masonry contractor, Paragon Paving and Masonry has been providing structural and artisanal masonry services for a range of residential and commercial projects.

Masonry Contractor Near Me

Quality Work That Speaks For Itself

For your query of masonry contractor near me, there is no one better than Paragon Paving and Masonry. We are the most recommended experts in commercial and residential masonry as we have been serving the greater New Jersey area for many years. We provide services in Scotch Plains, NJ, and surrounding areas, including Middlesex County, Union County, Somerset County, and Essex County.

Ever since the inception of Paragon Paving and Masonry, we have been providing high-quality workmanship, focusing on developing lasting relationships with our clients based on transparency, trust, understanding, and reliability. Here, our work speaks for itself because of our approach of "Do It Once, Do It Right." We have made a name for ourselves by delivering quality results that exceed our clients' visions and expectations.

Give Us One Project and You’ll Want Us To Do All Projects

Do you have a construction project in mind for your property? If you have a query about the best masonry contractor near me, Paragon Paving and Masonry has been offering expert masonry services to commercial and residential property owners for several years. 

At Paragon Paving and Masonry, we specialize in offering the highest quality masonry services to our valuable clients. Be it restoration, repair, or new installation of the block, stone, concrete, brick, or paver, we are your go-to masonry contractor. In addition, we also offer a range of waterproofing services. Thanks to our highly experienced and skilled team, we provide complete masonry solutions.

Customized Masonry Services According To Your Budget

Customized Masonry Services According To Your Budget

At Paragon Paving and Masonry, we understand that customer service holds immense importance in client's satisfaction. We listen to our clients and ensure absolute transparency in our process, one of the key factors in ensuring client satisfaction.

Unfortunately, we have seen that so many contractors agree on a budget at the start and later on completely ignore that agreement. Some masonry contractors are negligent when it comes to estimates. When you choose Paragon Paving and Masonry as your masonry contractor, we will never keep you in the dark.

While working on your project, our dedicated team will choose the materials based on your preference and the size of the project. Given that the most considerable expense will be the materials, we will make recommendations so that you do not have to exceed your budget.

Residential Masonry Contractor Services

Be it a minor repair, restoration job, or a major structural renovation, our professional masons are the best at providing high-quality and affordable masonry services to residential clients. If your budget and schedule are tight, our design team steps in with recommendations to make impacts that do not affect the design intent.

Our residential masonry contractor services include but are not limited to:

  • Construction masonry services (indoor and outdoor)
  • Masonry repair
  • Stone or brick masonry restoration
  • Stone construction
  • Concrete construction
  • Stone entryways
  • Paved pathways
  • Patio construction
  • Patio repair
  • Walkways
  • Privacy Walls
  • Fireplace construction and repair
  • Retaining Walls
  • Structural walls and foundations
  • Waterproofing

Commercial Masonry Contractor Services

Paragon Paving and Masonry takes pride in delivering expert masonry services for commercial clients in New Jersey. We can work on your blueprint or help you design a plan of action with the help of our design team. We promise to deliver brilliant results through our on-site management, attention-to-detail, and proactive inspections. Most importantly, our experts will be with you from day one to the completion of the project. With Paragon Paving and Masonry, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Our commercial masonry contractor services include but are not limited to:

  • Concrete construction
  • Structural and decorative projects
  • Brickwork, all phases
  • Fireplaces
  • Stonework, all phases
  • All phases of stonework, including veneers, paving and retaining walls
  • Patch and repair work

Invest In Quality, Choose Paragon Paving and Masonry

For your query of masonry contractor near me, we are the best choice because of the following reasons:

Experience and Guaranteed Satisfaction 

At Paragon Paving and Masonry, the biggest asset we have is our highly competent workforce. Thanks to their decades of collective experience, we can confidently say that we can provide guaranteed work to our clients. Each member of our masonry team is trained to offer quality workmanship and ensure complete safety.


At Paragon Paving and Masonry, we always focus on delivering the best quality product possible while saving your hard-earned money. We understand the difficulty of our clients in the current economic situation, which is why we are striving to reinvent ourselves with new technology, new equipment, and new materials to offer sustainable and affordable solutions to our clients.

Quality and Trust

With years of experience working in this industry, we have survived and thrived because of only one thing: Quality Work. We never cut corners to make an extra profit or try to keep our clients in the dark. Perhaps, our honesty has played a pivotal role in our success as the leading masonry contractor in New Jersey. Our clients trust us because no project is too small for us, and we go to extra lengths to keep our clients happy and satisfied.

Quality Workmanship

We love what we do and that is why we are the best in the masonry field. We have decades of combined experience in masonry and that reflects on our projects. No matter the size of the project, we deliver quality work that will most definitely meet and even exceed your expectations.

Let's Turn Your Vision Into Reality  

We understand the value of convenience in our field of business. Therefore, we make it super easy for you to schedule an estimate. Let us know when you are available, and we will further discuss your exciting project.

Contact us if you have any queries related to masonry contractors in New Jersey. Rest assured, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.