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We’re New Jersey’s #1 Hardscaping Contractor

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We’re New Jersey’s #1 Hardscaping Contractor


Professional Hardscaping Design and Installation Services

Paragon Paving and Masonry prides itself on delivering the highest quality and long-lasting hardscaping design and installation services to its esteemed customers in Roselle, NJ, and surrounding areas, including Middlesex County, Union County, Somerset County, and Essex County. 

Whether you are looking for a complete driveway or a patio, our experts can design and install the complex project to your guidelines while maintaining the highest standards. We have the experience, skills, and equipment to offer customized services. At Paragon Paving and Masonry, we believe in putting your needs and preferences first.

New Jersey’s Leading Hardscaping Contractor

There are multiple benefits of creating a visually appealing external space. It not only provides a peaceful environment for the residents but also gives visitors an instant positive first impression.

We understand your query for the best hardscaping contractor near me, and there is a reason why you are on our website. Paragon Paving and Masonry has years of experience transforming outdoor spaces for our valuable clients, who later refer our services to others. It is a testament to our highly satisfactory customer-focused services.

Based in Roselle, we have been meeting and exceeding the high expectations of our customers by providing industry-leading hardscaping services in New Jersey, into Middlesex County and beyond.

So if you want to enhance the external appearance of your home, speak to Paragon Paving and Masonry about how our experts can combine their vast experience and highly creative design skills to help what you want to achieve and that too in your available budget. We will listen to your hardscape design ideas and add our suggestions to produce designs tailored to your home.

We Transform Your Experience At Home With Beautiful Hardscape Spaces

We Transform Your Experience At Home With Beautiful Hardscape Spaces

Let Paragon Paving and Masonry help elevate the appearance of your backyard design with custom hardscaping that subtly complements your style. If you want a peaceful oasis for a more relaxing time or a gorgeous outdoor patio, we can bring beauty and top-quality hardscaping to your outdoor space. Our experts will be with you from design through completion.

The construction experts at Paragon Paving and Masonry specialize in transforming any residential or commercial property into a visually appealing environment. No matter the size or difficulty of your hardscaping project, we have a dedicated team of hardscape installers and designers that can meet and exceed your expectations.

Add a Variety To Your Place With Our Custom Hardscaping Services

Here are the quality, long-lasting hardscapes we deliver that make your property visually appealing and stand out from the crowd:


You may have wished many times for a peaceful backyard space where you could enjoy the serenity while sitting near a custom fire pit.  What you need is a carefully designed patio. There is no denying that patios increase the home's resale value and provide an excellent space for outdoor enjoyment, whether for family barbecues, large gatherings, or even relaxing individual time.

At Paragon Paving and Masonry, we love creating patios of your dreams with pavers or stones. If you had a query related to a hardscaping contractor near me for a patio job, we are the best choice. Let us embellish your place with a custom patio.


Many homeowners do not understand the value of walkways as they can help make a statement about personal style. You can enhance the curb appeal with a beautiful and practical walkway.

As the best hardscaping contractors, we use a variety of materials to construct visually appealing walkways. Our experts can create paths in such an elegant manner that they will add a touch of flair to your unique landscape design


Imagine having a driveway with its unique style. We absolutely love creating driveways for our customers in New Jersey. For decades, Paragon Paving and Masonry has been replacing and repairing driveways for homeowners and businesses.

Our experienced team designs and installs custom driveways tastefully and carefully. From design to completion, we are with you throughout the process. Be it asphalt driveway or paver driveway, we ensure a successful driveway installation that lasts for many years to come. In fact, driveway installation is one of our highly popular services in the area. 

Retaining Walls 

Retaining walls can be used as architectural statements as they help create contrasts between the hardscaping elements and the greenery, sharpen the edges of lawns, and provide seating. If your property has a slope, you can make more functional areas and retain soil with retaining walls.

As the leading hardscaping contractors with an experienced and knowledgeable staff, we can add walls to retail soil and create seat walls around patios, terraced gardens, and additional outdoor spaces for outdoor activities.

Why Choose Paragon Paving and Masonry?

  • We have years of experience working as the most reliable hardscaping contractors.
  • We have the equipment to deliver the most beautiful hardscaping results you want
  • We have an experienced and knowledgeable team that have the skills across a range of hardscaping designs
  • Our customer-focused approach to project planning and design enables us to deliver outstanding results
  • We are a fully licensed hardscaping contractor with an excellent reputation
  • Our management team has extensive experience running complex hardscape projects across New Jersey
  • Most importantly, we believe in the approach of "Do It Once, Do It Right!"

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At Paragon Paving and Masonry, we design & build luxurious hardscapes that match your style and taste. Whether you want a series of outdoor paver walkways, a custom patio or a driveway, we are always available to offer our best services to you. With us, you will not worry about quality as we focus on your 100% satisfaction, guaranteed!

Now that you got an answer to your query about the best hardscaping contractor near me, contact us to further discuss your exciting project. To start things off, let’ schedule your free estimate.