Basement Waterproofing Services

Got a wet, leaky basement? Don’t worry because Paragon Paving & Masonry offers a variety of cost-effective and long-term basement waterproofing solutions tailored to meet your needs.

New Jersey’s Leading Basement Waterproofing Services

Got a wet, leaky basement? Don’t worry because Paragon Paving & Masonry offers a variety of cost-effective and long-term basement waterproofing solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Protect Your Basement Before It Is Too Late

You think that your basement is not yet filled with water, so there is no need to worry, right? Think again!

If you neglect the possibility of water collecting in several places and weakening the foundation of your beloved home, it can cost you a lot. As water seeps into any area where it can, the structural integrity of your home can be compromised if left untreated. Without proper waterproofing of your basement, even small cracks and openings can cause major issues.

If you don't want moisture to turn your basement into a damp, dark place, it is best to schedule a free assessment with Paragon Paving & Masonry. Our basement waterproofing services are specifically designed to mitigate water leakage effects. We are the best when it comes to fixing waterproofing issues before they cause more substantial damage.

We tell one thing to all our respected clients: When the damage is avoidable, why delay it!

Premier Basement Waterproofing Services in New Jersey

Paragon Paving & Masonry specializes in offering expert basement waterproofing services in Cranford, New Jersey, and surrounding areas, including Middlesex County, Union County, Somerset County, and Essex County. With an approach of “Do It Once, Do It Right”, we have helped many homeowners and businesses put their basements to good use.

At Paragon Paving & Masonry, we understand that waterproofing New Jersey is an extremely important service. That is why we have the most experienced team and advanced equipment to diagnose your basement problem and provide a custom-designed waterproofing solution for your basement that lasts for many years to come.  

Types of Basement Waterproofing Services

At Paragon Paving & Masonry, we provide custom-designed waterproofing solutions. In general, we provide two types of basement waterproofing services to commercial and residential clients:

Interior Basement Waterproofing: In this service, our experts help redirect water out of your home. We use sealants on cracks and windows to help prevent water leakage. Depending on the severity of the problem, we can recommend installing a drainage system, full interior wall waterproofing, etc. 

Exterior Basement Waterproofing: In this service, our experts first diagnose the affected area and excavate it to the same level as the basement floor. Afterward, we waterproof the basement externally to take care of a problem before it even begins. We recommend this service for people building new homes.

Are you wondering, "interior waterproofing vs. exterior waterproofing; which one works best for me?" It is important to know that both methods are effective. Our expert will analyze your basement to identify the best waterproofing solution for your basement.

Causes of A Damp, Wet Basement 

Causes of A Damp, Wet Basement

A hole was created to build the basement of your home, which means the ground never recovers from its creation and water always travels towards the basement whenever the ground becomes saturated. As a result, the water creates pressure around your basement floor and walls (called hydrostatic pressure), which in most cases causes seepage through openings, joints, and cracks.

Another reason can be soil settlement. When the backfilled soil around the foundation of a basement settles, it starts to sink and create a slope, enabling water to run next to the basement foundation. The source of the leak could also be causing area seepage, masonry floor cracks, wall seepage, basement stairwell overflow, or window well overflow.

Why Waterproofing Your Basement Is Important

According to the National Association of Realtors, 85% of all homes in the US experience wet basement issues at some point. As the basement is the foundational structure of your home, waterproofing becomes even more critical.

  • Prevents Mold and Mildew – Basement water leaks could cause moisture accumulation in your home, creating an ideal environment for the growth of dangerous mold and mildew. It poses health risks such as skin irritation, coughing, allergies, and asthma.
  • Protects Your Home Foundation – As the foundation keeps the home stable and secure, basement waterproofing helps keep moisture out of your home foundation.
  • Prevents Cracks – Basement waterproofing helps prevent cracks in the basement by eliminating the damage caused by moisture trapped in the foundation that expands and contracts due to temperature.
  • Reduces The Risk of Flooding – We know that flooding poses a real risk to people living in areas that get a lot of rainfall. With the help of waterproofing, you can ensure water does not enter your home and ruin any valuables stored in it.
  • Reduces Energy Costs – Due to water leakage, your home's humidity level will increase during the summer months, affecting the cooling and driving up the energy costs. Alternatively, cracks in the foundation will hinder any efforts to keep the house warm in the winter.

When To Call Waterproofing Experts In New Jersey?

When it comes to quality and long-lasting basement waterproofing, Paragon Paving & Masonry is your best choice. If you notice any of the following signs, please contact us:

  • Water stains on the walls or the floor
  • A musty odor or smell of dampness that doesn’t go away
  • You can see visible mildew or mold in the basement
  • Water puddles or flooding in the basement
  • Sagging floor
  • High humidity in the basement and the living area
  • Condensation on the basement windows, doors, insulation or pipes
  • Swelled or warped doors
  • Cracking on the walls or floor

When water leaks go unnoticed for a long time, they could compromise your home’s foundation, which will inevitably lead to expensive repairs. Therefore, waste no time in contacting us for timely basement waterproofing services.

Protect Your Home Now. Schedule Your Free Inspection

Paragon Paving & Masonry has made a name for itself as the most reliable basement waterproofing contractors in Cranford, NJ, and surrounding areas, including Middlesex County, Union County, Somerset County, and Essex County.

Contact us for a free inspection by our experienced basement waterproofing specialists. If you have any queries about how much basement waterproofing costs or anything else, please feel free to contact us anytime.